Struct weld::WeldConf [] [src]

pub struct WeldConf { /* fields omitted */ }

A struct used to configure compilation and the Weld runtime.


impl WeldConf

Creates a new empty WeldConf.

Weld configurations are unstructured key/value pairs. The configuration is used to modify how a Weld program is compiled (e.g., setting multi-thread support, configuring optimization passes, etc.) and how a Weld program is run (e.g., a memory limit, the number of threads to allocate the run, etc.).

Adds a configuration to this WeldConf.

This method does not perform any checks to ensure that the key/value pairs are valid. If a WeldConf contains an invalid configuration option, the WeldModule methods that compile and run modules will fail with an error.

Get the value of the given key, or None if it is not set.

Trait Implementations

impl Debug for WeldConf

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impl Clone for WeldConf

Returns a copy of the value. Read more

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Auto Trait Implementations

impl Send for WeldConf

impl Sync for WeldConf